Join us!

1. Visit

Please visit the meeting to feel the atmosphere of the club and the contents of the meeting.
You can visit 3 times for free of charge ;)

Please check our Official Facebook page / MeetUp, and fill out your info in Google form below!
 We will contact you by email once you sign up!

Official Facebook Page:


If you have any question, contact us via messenger of our Facebook page.

2. Join

Please express your intent to join the club during or after the meeting to a member.

3. Payment

You formally become a member once the payment of enrollment fee (4,000 yen) and membership fee for 6 months (7,200 yen) is confirmed.

4. Induction Ceremony

We will conduct an induction ceremony for you in a meeting which you attend after you expressed to join the club.

In the induction ceremony, you will be introduced to a "mentor" who will support you on your club activities.

Our VPM (Vice President of Membership), Miki, will support your joining!